When reporting a player, proof is ALWAYS required. This thread will help teach you how to properly report a player.

How do I know what kind of evidence I need?
The type of evidence you need depends on the report:
Advertising: Picture proof.
Hacking: Video proof only. Picture proof is never enough!
Scamming: Video proof.
Language/spam in chat: Picture proof.
TP trapping: Video proof. Pictures can be used as long as there is A LOT of them and they clearly show what happened.

In general, video proof is always better to have than pictures.

What do I need in a report thread?
The best way to structure a report thread is as follows:

Reported player's FULL username:
Server this took place on:
What you are reporting this player for:
When this happened (date):

How do I obtain evidence?
Here is the software I recommend for obtaining proof:

Spoiler: Show

Video recording:
Spoiler: Show

How do I to upload videos so other people can watch them?
The easiest way to upload videos in through YouTube.

Spoiler: Here's howShow